Thursday, June 01, 2006

Vector Cutco

This is all a subjective experience. Do not rely on this for fact, do your own research. This is not a very organized layout, I am just angry.

It was a Monday. I checked the mailbox and there was a letter from Vector Marketing. It basically said that they had some student work opportunities and to call to schedule an interview. I thought, why not, and so I did. The girl on the phone sounded nice enough, said it was a professional interview, I would be getting paid 15 dollars an hour, not many people get this job, I could get college credits, and college scholarships. (Notice that she asked no questions about myself, which is why I was surprised when she then said to come in at 3:30 which was only 2 hours later.) So I looked through my closet for some formal looking clothes and headed to the office in Schaumburg.
*note, I do not know anything at this point and the lady does not inform me at all.

So I drive my ass all the way to Schaumburg. When I get there I hear loud obnoxious screemo music (which should have been the first sign to leave), and I see there is a LOT of people filling out applications. I then started to get nervous, seeing that I would have to compete with all these people to get the job. So I sit down and start filling out the application. The application itself is pretty odd considering they don’t want any references, prior job experience, or most other things that normal applications require. It was like my name, school, and things about me. After you fill out the crap application, you get called by twos into the manager’s office. The manager intimidates you right off the bat by questioning you interrogation style. I had never been to a formal interview before so I was scared shitless and said a lot of “uhs, umms, and likes”, so then it was to my surprise when he said that he wanted me back for the next 90 minute interview.

Things I know now:
1. Everything they do has a psychological reasoning behind it and contributes to your brainwashing.
2. The deafening music they play is to assume an upbeat attitude.
3. The formality and “professional” way they conduct their interviews is a façade. They want you to think that it will be difficult to get the job because then you will want it more and appreciate it more when you do get it (and you will).
4. They make it seem like they do not hire everybody, and tell you that after the interview, saying “We only hire a SELECT few… blah blah blah”, but they hire EVERYONE and give them different training days so that we don’t see each other.
5. The only thing that was blatantly awful was the horrible music selection that shatters your eardrums.

You then go back into the room that you started out in with all the other college kids. Everyone is all dressed in their finest, so thankful for this opportunity and then the manager walks in. He then basically talks up the company, making it sound like the greatest thing in the world. “Fortune 500 company, all these celebrities endorse it, all these rich people used to work for it…..”. He then talks about the incentives. OH the allure of the incentives. “You can get college credits, scholarships, have a great resume, work with one of the 10 best companies in the country…”. At this point, I was praying to god to please, please help me land this awesome job. And guess what, I did. But it was the worst mistake I could have made all summer.

Things I know now:
1. A Fortune 500 company bought this company out 20 years ago.
2. They probably pay the celebrities and rich people that endorse it, and they have a LOT of extra money to do that.
3. What college credits?
4. What college scholarships?
5. It is one of the best companies because they make a lot of money. They make a lot of money by scamming poor college kids.

After the group interview, I enter the manager’s office all nervous and anxious. I am scared that I will not get this great job so that my mom gets off my ass for being a bum. I think about the $15 hour pay, then I think of all those other “qualified” kids out there. The manager senses my anxiety and starts off with “ You know, not many people are qualified for this job…only a select few get the position….we only hire people we trust”. By this point I was so scared I didn’t get the job that I almost passed out from my heart beating so fast and then the manager breaks out in a huge grin saying “Congratulations you got the job!”. I was delirious with joy. I floated out of that office. To think, me qualified over all those other chumps out there in the waiting room. Sadly, the only real chump was ….me.

What I know now:
1. What I should have been thinking about was, wait what the fuck IS my job?
2. The manager probably says the same thing to everyone.
3. The intimidation and pressure is all part of the brainwashing process. I felt so good when I got the job. I promised myself I would work hard at it (even though I had no clue what I was going to be doing).
4. Afterwards, you get a flyer with the training session times. 3 days, about 6-7 hours each. No Pay. But you’re so happy that none of this matters. Nobody is skeptical at this point. The only fact I knew for sure was that it had something to do with knives.

Now a smart individual would have done his research BEFORE the initial interview. I was stupid. I was gullible. I was like any other average college student that sees $15 an hour and cries tears of joy. It took me about 3 days into the job to do a thorough research of Cutco on the internet. By then, it was too late. I had already wasted 20+ hours of my life going to training sessions(brainwashing sessions).

Training is hell. But hey, its essential right? I didn’t even know what the hell I would be doing until the end of the first training day. That should have been a warning sign, but the $15 an hour definitely clouded my vision. TRAINING IS HELL. TRAINING AT CUTCO IS HELL. You have to sit in these hard metal/plastic chairs and get brainwashed on how wonderful the product is, how wonderful the company is, and how much money you will be making. All of this told by a good looking manager with a lot of enthusiasm and persuasion so we all just ate it up. Nothing about what we will be doing, just how much this and that kid made by doing this, basically a lot of ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ahh-ing’ us about the company. They make you believe that the product is the best in the world. There is 3 days of long hard training that is as long but worse than school.

Things I know now:
1. They keep telling us that we are independent contractors with basically our own business. Wait, then who are you? You are my manager that makes me call everyday at 7 in the morning, makes me call after every appointment, tells me rules I have to adhere to, and work under him. So how am I my own boss?
2. On almost all the applications you fill out on the first day and there is also time set apart during training as well to do this, they make you fill out a recommendation sheet for all your friends who would be interested in the job. Clearly this best shows the multi-level marketing strategy. Cutco NEEDS new recruits because the recruit connections are the marketing campaign.
3. You make $15 per Appointment, not $15 an hour. There is a HUGE difference. You think, "Goddam, $15 dollars an hour? Wow, I can work full time and make $600 a week! No. My god, full time? 40 hours? That means 40 appointments a week. That means you will be bothering 40 of your friend's parents a week. People will want to start hurting you with your own knives.
4. DO NOT GET ENTICED BY THE FAST START. Coming into this job I thought, wait eventually, I will run out of people to make appointments with. No shit. That is the point. The fast start is basically a sales rep’s first week out and there is HUGE incentive to do really well. They have all these prizes including other cutco products, limo night, gift certificates, and lastly a $1,500 voucher to Cancun. Trust me when I say you probably will not sell $17,000 worth of Cutco no matter how much they say it is possible. There is only a top 1% of people who actually do well but probably still do not sell that much. The fast starts are how Cutco make a lot of money. So since there is a huge incentive to do well and there is only one fast start, everyone goes out and harasses everyone they know right away. There are probably over 10 teams in my office (I really have no clue but probably more than that) with 25-30 sales reps in each. So about 300 + fast starts, not to mention this is only one office. So there are fast starts happening all over the country. And now we know why Cutco is the 10th best company in the country.
5. Also the music. They will not stop playing music. They tell you to start memorizing certain parts of your manual, but how the fuck can I concentrate when I am listening to “Dance Dance” for the millionth time? Seriously this irritated me the most. They would tell you to start studying the manual and then start blaring the music. The music does have meaning behind it though. They play music so that you won’t talk to your team members. They don’t seem to like it when you and your other team members are talking. In the beginning, I would be asking the kid next to me a question and an assistant would rush up to me and ask me what my problem was. This happened a lot. I just thought they were being helpful then I realize that they just don’t want us to be asking a bunch of questions that actually have to be answered truthfully.
6. They give you a bunch of comparisons to different high end knives. I did some research on Henckels price comparisons and kept finding the 18 piece set to be $499.00 on a bunch of sites including Amazon. This is strange because I have been telling all my family and friends that the Henckels 18 piece set was $1,562. So one of the world’s best set of knives is actually cheaper than cutco’s set which is for $899. So they are lying to me and I am lying to everyone else.
7. They never tell you that you are a door to door salesman, they use euphemisms like “independent contractor” and “sales representative”. You basically become the person you slam the phone down on everyday.
8. If you see too many people, they try not to pay you by saying that you didn't fit the certian requirements in the contract. They hve to be married, have kids, own house, be over 25. Alright, most of my close friend's parents are divorced. You know... divorced people eat too, they also don't cook with sticks and rocks. A lot of my friend's parents just had the sense to not buy a hundred dollar knife no matter who was selling it to them.
9. I now have reason to believe that all the stories that they tell you, no matter how enthusiastic or persuasive, are lies. I think Vector hires a team of people to come up with funny little anecdotes and past experieces for the managers to tell all of the trainees. The stories are what got me. The manager tells you, looking straight into your eyes, that he was doing the exact same thing you were and succeeded, and look now he's the District Manager! ' I am making a 6-figure salary, all by sticking with Cutco!', ' Some people are even opening their own offices next summer, it could happen to you!', ' I make my money 17 different ways; I don't even know half of those ways ha ha ha'. He probably went to business school, got hired by Vector to be a manager because of his credentials (no way in hell did he work his way up from being a trainee), memorized a script that all the managers use, and now makes his money 17 different ways! Oh, I think I know all 17 different ways he makes his money...

Two days before was the day I had researched all of these things. I still then decided to go to the training to see what other bullshit they might pull. Here is where the show us the “secret weapon”. The secret weapon is basically cutting a little over $130.00 off some of the sets. OK. It’s still fucking expensive. Anyhow, the manager had stopped talking and stepped out of the room for a bit. I had overheard one kid telling another kid that he was going to this conference but he didn’t have the 20 bucks he was supposed to pay for it and was going to pay for it later or something. Now they were making kids pay for their own brainwashing??? I had to do something. So I nudged the kid with my foot and asked him how he heard about the company. I then told him really quickly about the Cutco complaint sites on the web and told him to do some research tonight. He looked at me suspiciously and then IGNORED ME! For fuck’s sake I am trying to help you. But he was too far gone in his brainwashing. A lot of the kids were. A lot of them thought they were these professional sales people will their ill-fitting suits, sunglasses, and gelled up hair. I tried to help as many people as possible before I quit urging them to do some research, but I think they thought I was trying to sabotage their chances of doing well. And almost none of the kids I talked to did any research about the job beforehand.

The reason why cutco is doing so well, is because YOU do everything. You drive your car (gas), make the phone calls (phone bill), bother everyone you know, and THEY get the money. How sweet is that? Granted you are getting 15 bucks an hour, but think of all the money you are spending doing this shit. So let’s say I do 15 appointments a week, which is still a lot. At first you’re like oh I can do 20, easy. No. It is not easy to convince people to let them see you and fit everyone conveniently one after the other. People are busy at different times. So anyway, 15 x $15.00 = $225. Ok now just split that in half for gas. That is $112.5 a week, which is about minimum wage, except now your phone bill has gone up and all your friends hate you. Is it worth it? I had made about 6 appointments for the week before I realized all of this so I just did 4 and cancelled the last 2. So that’s 4 x 15, which is 60. Great that pays for a full tank of gas that I used up driving to the damn office. Obviously they are going to be like ‘you didn’t make any money because you were lazy and didn’t make a lot of appointments, blah blah blah”. Listen, bitch. This job speaks to lazy people. 1. make your own hours 2. get paid 15 bucks an hour. 3. get paid every week 4. drive to the office once a week; don’t have to come in everyday . What you forgot to say during all the trainings is that everything you say is COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC!!! There is no way the average college kid is going to have 50 appointments and make millions of dollars. There is no way I can just keep calling people up, they have shit to do. No one wants to buy knives for a thousand dollars right now. They basically just hype up the job and the incentives so much that it clouds reality. With this job, it’s inevitable that you are going to run out of people to see and then quit. Wisconsin surveyed 940 people and on average the workers earn less than $3 a day selling Cutco. (I read off a cutco complaint site) It’s not that big of a surprise once you know the facts.

So during the week, I would wake up to my manager calling me at 8 asking why I didn’t call at 7. So aren’t you my boss then if I have to check up with you at insane hours of the morning everyday? My friends don’t even call before 12. Are you sure this call isn’t just some more reinforcement to go call up some more people and annoy them until they make an appointment with me?

These are some sites I read about to come up with the conclusion that Cutco is a piece of shit.
or basically just type in Cutco Scam into google. There are a lot of really thorough sites, unlike mine.

Anyway, yesterday I quit. It was quite an ordeal. I think the people at the office knew I was going to quit because I just stopped wearing nice clothes and was not responsive or productive in the last advanced training. All the assistants just sort of shuffled out of my way as I walked in. My real manager wasn’t there so I waited for his assistant manager in her office. And waited. And waited…. FINALLY she came out with this mousy looking girl who was beaming, (obviously she had just become another cutco whore) and she then told me to wait some more. As I was waiting some other assistants walked in and out of the office not looking at me, just cleaning up. They didn’t say one word to me. They knew why I was there and probably didn’t want me asking them a bunch of questions they didn’t want to answer. So then, my manager walks back into her office and calls in her assistant and they are both whispering furiously as I am waiting, waiting. I hear bits and pieces, no doubt they are talking about me, but they are also shit talking some other girl who came into the training session. But WHY are they doing that NOW? Is it to stall me? Do they think I will change my mind? Anyway, she finally comes into the office and asks me what’s up. I tell her that I am going to quit because I did some cutco research and cannot work for a company that uses Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes to make money. She is a terrible actress. “US??!? A Pyramid Scheme? I am so insulted you would think something like that. You know the internet is not always true.” She seemed pissed at me for even thinking something like that. Look, I basically made your company $300 in 4 days at my expense, YOU should be thanking me! Don’t try to lie or cover it up, be fucking ashamed that you are working for a company that preys on college students knowing full well that the average kid is not going to do well. You worthless bitch, I fucking hate you. If Cutco is blameless than why is there a petition online with about 5,000 signature of students’ horror stories of working with Cutco? She was then just like ‘you shouldn’t say things without knowing for real’, which was just too ironic that SHE would be telling me to not talk about half-truths. And then I left. I considered putting flyers with some real info on all my team members’ cars and maybe I still will.


  • Amen, brother. Had a nearly identical experience 3 weeks ago up in Montreal Canada. I was nodding my head as you recounted each detail of your experience, which was basically a twin of mine. Don't know how many people will be able to see this before they go in and experience it for themselves, but hopefully people can spot this and save themselves.

    By Blogger Your Favorite Person Named Richard, at 4:54 PM  

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    i found many information here.
    Good luck, cutco

    By Blogger Jonh Neo, at 12:28 AM  

  • wow I couldn't agree with you more. I quit the job months ago and returned my knifes which they still haven't repayed me for. When I called the manager of the office i used to work at she made some excuse and told me to call back the next day. I called back and left a message and about 3 weeks later and still no call. This place is such a scam i wonder if i can sue them for not paying me back for the knives?

    By Blogger BGben111, at 5:29 PM  

  • The same exact thing happened to me at the Huntington Beach, CA office. The manager's name was Romeo Joson. I was able to quit after seeing this a day after my horrible training sessions. Someone should take legal action against these people, like the better business bureau or the news.

    By Blogger Tony, at 12:11 AM  

  • Hours of my life were wasted last night during the interview process, which is a laugh in itself. I even missed Lost! Anyways, I was suspicious but was still going to go through with the training today...glad I did some research first!

    By Blogger Neek.Heather.etc...., at 10:53 AM  

  • I just finished the second day of training aka HELL, and decided to do some research. And that is EXACTLY what I was thinking, the music, the nodding head gestures, the "enthuasiasm" and persuasion. HAA made me laugh. & then I thought, if so many people love with these knives, n people are still being recruited EVERYDAY .. who the hell would I sell to? LOL good thing I found his post.. I'm just NOT going 2 show up 2 that HELL workshop 2moro.

    By Blogger M, at 6:24 PM  

  • im sorry but ur just an idiot... im only on my 8th day and ive made 1,546 dollars in my pocket. im sorry u sucked at selling knives

    By Blogger brendan, at 4:15 PM  

  • OK, so my friend invites me and some other people do dinner tonight. Then after dinner, he busts out his magic bag of knives and gives us this hour long presentation about how awesome these knives are. Anyway it turns out my other friend signed me up for it. Fucking hell, I don't need this shit. I don't need to sit through a presentation about knives while my brain turns to mush. This "friend" is a total whore for this ridiculous company, and my opinion of him has gone down 500 points.

    Anyway thanks for sharing your story, I hope I never fall for one of these ridiculous pyramid scheme predatory scams. Amen to you.

    By Blogger Jamal, at 1:25 AM  

  • I worked for Vector selling Cutco and enjoyed my experience. It is unfortunate you feel this way. I did not make Cutco a profession but I did make money selling the knives and they are a top notch product.

    Since you are giving such great career advice on your bathroom wall on the web I would be curious to know what you have successfully done in your career (or more than likely multiple jobs) so far. No one got ripped off in the Vector marketing strategy. If you would have stuck around you may have learned a thing or two about marketing.

    By Blogger Chris, at 7:04 AM  

  • I am selling CUTCO currently. I have had the same experience as you have (the hellish interview which had my ass crying for days bc of the seats and the horrible training, which i luckily got out of the last day of thankfully). However, I have found that it actually is a good company. I went home last weekend (from tampa to daytona) and all I had to do was have 5 demos (which i get paid 15 bucks each time for!!) and they reimbursed me for the gas! (60 bucks!!) no questions asked! and about you saying the Henckels set was only like $500 or something. that is absoltely false, the set u saw was not the professional "s" grade that CUTCO compares itself too! It was the shitty version of Henckles. So how about you get your facts straight next time. And i dont know about you, but every $15 helps when your in college. It sucks you had a bad experience but dont say shit about the company bc it actually is a good company. my "manager" or the guy i talk to actually helped me out when Vector fucked up my paycheck (for some reason they didnt pay me $100) and he got it so i got $105 from the company. and the interview taking time out of your precious day. what the fuck would u have been doing other than just sitting on your lazy ass and not doing anything? sure its boring as fuck but its something and better than nothing. Ive already made about $250 from the company and ive barely done any work. Its a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.
    So next time, dont knock a company just because your shitty at doing the job!

    By Blogger Colin, at 12:38 PM  

  • I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. As an assistant to one of the top districts in the company, I've had my bad weeks, but it was all on me. I've never once had a problem with this company, and it's the best job I've ever had. Mind you, I manage my time extremely well between double majoring, a radio show, office hours, tutoring 7th graders, going to the gym, helping my mom at the deli, and doing a min of 10-15 demos a week. And yes, I do sleep. The job is obviously not for everyone and I can only wish you the best of luck in whatever else you pursue. But Vector has enabled me to pay through college and serve people with fine cookware. [My entire family is in the food industry, so maybe this is why it's 2nd nature to me].

    By the way, if you believe what's posted on internet, then you should just believe everything written [it's not like it's an angry post by someone who happened to have a bad experience and is pissed off at the company]. So for anyone reading this and who HASN'T tried vector, try it for yourself and form your own opinion.

    By Blogger Alice, at 7:51 AM  

  • I'm going to have to disagree man. The people that post these scam sites are the people that have worked for the company for a week and are caught up in the superficial idea that all sales jobs are going to be the same.

    I do work for vector and sell cutco and i do have my skepticisms about it. I agree that driving and calling is asking a little much of the reps sometimes.
    But if you actually stick with it, the return is very good.
    Fast Start is just a program that the company uses to get the reps selling their first week because, like you, they know a lot of them are going to quit. And THAT'S why they're constantly recruiting, not because it's a way of marketing.

    And calling friends/family for demos is part of training! It's a way to get comfortable with the demonstration. It's an advantage to the seller, not the company. After about a month you will have established a calling base of people who are expecting your call who you don't know.

    And the 15 dollars you are speaking of is misleading, I will say that. However, like I said, if you actually stick with the company you can eventually earn 50% commission. The $15 is like welfare, you only get that as a bare minimun for working if you dont sell ANYTHING. You're not really supposed to make that. Most companies pay you off your sales alone.
    An average order for cutco is around 250 dollars. If you're making that commission you'd get $125 right there. And thinking you have 10 appointments per week, close 70% of them with sales. That's an average of $875 per week.
    Unless you're driving across the country to demos or spending 5 hours on the phone lining up each demo, you're not going to run up a $800 phone or gas bill. And the office is there at your disposale to use THEIR phones by the way.

    The cutco sales program is engineered for college students and younger people. So of course it's going to be high energy. You get the job because of your personality and vibe, not because of your work experience and references. I think it's a great thing that a company looks beyond the appearance of a person on paper in a resume, because frankly most college students I think are willing to work harder than most middle-aged adults to earn money. What college student is going to have a resume with a dual degree and 5 year job experience anyway?

    The job is only a scam if you read articles like this from people who weren't willing to find value in it and take their advice.
    Lots of people complain about having to set up their own appointments, but if the company set up appointments for you, it'd be like every other job: making minimum wage with set-in-stone hours every week. And what's ironic is you'd probably not be complaining about that.
    I make 4-500+ dollars weekly by just dedicating 3 or 4 of those days to selling and doing demos.
    And if that means calling my manager after every one and going in the office once a week... hm. Well that sounds a little like what I'd have to do if I, oh I don't know... had a job!
    I know, though, it's weird you actually have to work when you're employed.

    I respect that you don't like the job. That's fine, it's not for everyone, just like anything else. But what's odd is every one of these articles is written by someone who has previously worked for the company, not currently employed by them. You don't see the people making 1000+ dollars a week complaining.

    And writing articles like this about jobs you don't like may gain you recognition and make you feel a little better, but if you ever make a career and sustain yourself by just quitting things and whining about them, then I'll admit I'm wrong about all of this.

    Maybe you can work somewhere like a library or something. I don't think there's music there.

    By Blogger Garrett, at 11:12 AM  

  • i currently am a manager-in training for Vector, and I can damn well assure you that your managers worked their way up from being sales reps. How? - Enthusiasm and conviction for the product. I am not lying because I do agree with alot of what you say, however. I currently work out of two different office, one while I'm at school and when I'm on break, I work at my home office. At my home office, we definitely have much more of an honesty policy than the office I work at at school, and that bothers me, as a manager in training, just as much as it would for someone who quit the job just because they were tired of the dishonesty. There are alot of things I don't believe in with the company, but I have a huge opportunity, as a manager, to change those things in my own office, so that is my plan. But just for the record - aside from all the anecdotes they twll you(which are true, i guarantee you)and enthusiasm they drive into you, if you DO STICK WITH the program, using the phone approach, and all of the other things they tell you to say you actually can be very successful with this business. If you have any questions -fell free to email me @ - rachel

    By Blogger riegelr, at 12:40 PM  

  • i currently am a manager-in training for Vector, and I can damn well assure you that your managers worked their way up from being sales reps. How? - Enthusiasm and conviction for the product. I am not lying because I do agree with alot of what you say, however. I currently work out of two different office, one while I'm at school and when I'm on break, I work at my home office. At my home office, we definitely have much more of an honesty policy than the office I work at at school, and that bothers me, as a manager in training, just as much as it would for someone who quit the job just because they were tired of the dishonesty. There are alot of things I don't believe in with the company, but I have a huge opportunity, as a manager, to change those things in my own office, so that is my plan. But just for the record - aside from all the anecdotes they twll you(which are true, i guarantee you)and enthusiasm they drive into you, if you DO STICK WITH the program, using the phone approach, and all of the other things they tell you to say you actually can be very successful with this business. If you have any questions -fell free to email me @ - rachel

    By Blogger riegelr, at 12:41 PM  

  • Bro you are fucking should write books..I would most definitely but one...I laughed so much. everything you wrote is very true and I lived it exactly word for word like you wrote it. I hope to find a REAL job in this corrupt job market and I really hope someone stops this shit from happening again and again. Thanks a lot for writing.

    By Blogger David, at 2:37 PM  

  • The reason you weren't successful with cutco is because of your attitude and lack of motivation. I've been there 3 weeks. I made $139 in 30 mins with one sale. When's the last time you made that much in that time frame from a job? When I hit my 50% promotion, that would have been over $450. I'm about to hit my second promotion soon. Yes, the training sucks and it's repetitive. But it's only 3 days worth. Yes you have to call between 7-9 AM to PDI and call after appointments. But what's the big deal? No job is perfect. And I think it's fun to sell things and win free things. There has also been successful people I've seen gone through the program before and after me. Not many people complete it or are successful, but that's because those people have sucky attitudes and no motivation. And there are scholarships. Top 50 reps get one and someone in my office is one of the top 50 and this is only his second summer. This is a very good opportunity to make real money. Don't let one person (or people from their comments), persuade you from not joining the cutco/vector family. If you want to make a lot of money and get awesome experience, this is the job for you. BTW, I just sold to a very successful restraunt owner. His knives in the kitchen were crap compared to cutco. Any demo I've done, Cutco knives has ALWAYS come out on top.

    By Blogger Jenna, at 8:44 PM  

  • Thanks for informing me about this. i just decided to quit last night because i felt that a lot of the things the manager said about the company was a bit sketchy. During my second training session, which was my last day there before i quit, they wanted me to call a bunch of friends and bother them about knives all of a sudden (what happened to their "loyal customers" or the usual soccer moms who buy their products regularly???), plus i had to pay a deposit of 152.21 for the sample kit, after sitting there for training 2/3 days with no pay(today was supposed to be my third and final day, but i decided not to go). After they told me all this, i knew they just wanted to rip off a bunch of kids, thinking they were too naive. i was the youngest one in the room, just turning seventeen, and graduating high school a year early, but clearly new that there was something wrong with this program. it just seemed too good to be true, as stated in the article, which was very informative.

    By Blogger sebastian, at 11:36 AM  

  • Hey :D

    First thing I have to say is that I was a skeptic myself about Cutco. I have been working for them for about 2 weeks I seem to be off to a good start. I feel that it is a great experience & yes the unpaid training is a bit sucky but it is worth it. I am sorry that the job did not work out for you but I dont think that it is fair that you are downing it for everyone else before they get the chance to try it. Like someone said before me 'it is not for everyone.' So bashing it just because you decided to give up is a bit harsh.

    p.s. The music was very annoying. I also think it is funny that they do everything the same! ! !

    By Blogger Victoria, at 4:43 PM  

  • I was going to post a long comment about how wrong the blogger on this site is about Vector, but i'm happy to see several Vector employees have already done so.

    I will admit that the hiring process isn't exactly normal, but the only thing you could possibly waste is your time.

    The management does in fact start from the bottom. A degree in business might help you, but it won't put you in front of people that know the company and have worked up from the bottom.

    The reason it is easier to find bad stuff about cutco on blogs, forums, etc. is because those are the places where people go to bitch about stuff that didn't go well for them! the people who like cutco are too busy selling it or using it to find a place online to argue with whiners like this guy.

    By Blogger Ian, at 12:19 PM  

  • I gave up reading all of this junk of people whining and crying because they were lazy or just not good sales reps. If you failed and gave up so easy at Cutco well good luck on life. There is definately money to be made by the people who dont jump at shadows and think the man is out to get them and that cutco is a corporate monster blah blah blah. You wasted so much time spilling junk online or as my favorite saying "the bathroom door online"

    By Blogger Anthony, at 1:51 PM  

  • HA, don't know what your talking about it's my second day and I already have in my pocket $210.

    By Blogger Jorge Castro, at 2:55 PM  

  • The truth is, if these people really knew business and were making some serious cash. They would not have to come on your blog and try to "protect" the vector/cutco name. Lets be honest right quick, how many of you have made over 30,000 dollars a year through this company that is actually going in your savings account. You guys are all bottom feeders in the game of SUCCESS. The top executives don't give a shit if you are working for them as long as you are making the money for them on time. And all the managers are dumb founded to honestly think they could make it seriously to the top.

    By Blogger WRDKIII3, at 9:37 AM  

  • I work for cutco, I love it. You were just too impatient and stupid to realize what a great job it really is. You probably didn't even make it through the first weekend. I'm also in the #2 office in the nation. We didn't pay for our knives and yes, the training was painful but isn't all training terrible? I don't know why they were playing screamo, our office plays elevator music before interviews. I strongly suggest you look at other offices instead of assuming they're all just as bad before you rank on a good thing that really doesn't deserve your attention. peace.

    By Blogger abbeyi17, at 3:59 PM  

  • Fascinating...

    kaiowas3, I applaud you for listening to your conscience and quitting. You will do well in life if you continue to follow your morals over money.

    Note the comment progression in this thread (and how similar they are to all discussions of this sort):

    The truth
    1. A few people with similar experiences as original poster comment in agreement.

    The leak
    2. Vector employees sniff out a thread lifting the skirt on their "business" practices.

    The Attack
    3. Current employees begin-
    a) Claiming the formula is working for them just fine
    b) Making themselves seem credible by verifying some points of original poster.
    c) Slinging personal attacks at the original poster -- that they are stupid, lazy, suck at their "job", etc.

    Quite fascinating isn't it?

    Food for thought:
    "An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention" - Thomas Aquinas

    By Blogger will, at 9:13 PM  

  • I have been working for about over a month now, and i love my vector experience. I just bought some sample sets and they are looking great :). I have no idea how you can not do this job. It is an easy job, yet hard. Yeah so you couldnt make appointments, that is something that you just needed to work on. If you were only getting paid on your base pay then you really must on been bad at selling these things. They practically sell themselves if you just read the manual. But anyways thats your story and yeah i agree i hate the music they play. But i love how everyone is so motivated, and it makes me happy.I hope i can escalate within this job and do great because i have seen many drop from this gig.

    By Blogger sadfissad, at 10:25 PM  

  • WRDKIII3 said...
    "The truth is, if these people really knew business and were making some serious cash. They would not have to come on your blog and try to "protect" the vector/cutco name. Lets be honest right quick, how many of you have made over 30,000 dollars a year through this company that is actually going in your savings account. You guys are all bottom feeders in the game of SUCCESS. The top executives don't give a shit if you are working for them as long as you are making the money for them on time. And all the managers are dumb founded to honestly think they could make it seriously to the top."

    To follow the above formula provided by the guy quoting one of the most absurd Scholastics in history, I will take the 3rd route:
    I was desperate for work this summer and a friend told me about this job and did an appointment for my parents, who loved it, my father being a CPA and not one to fall for scams. I went through training in June, and sold about $9400 in my fast start. After my first weekend I made $284, and from my first full week I made $997. For a guy who spent the previous year making $7.55/hr this was quite a lot of money. I made $48,000 this year working part time around school. I was one of the top 50 and also received scholarship money for school at Clemson Univ. I am in management training and will run my own office this upcoming summer in West Virginia.

    The job may not be for everyone, but for me it motivated and inspired me to be more than I have been the earlier part my life, and spurred me on to more personal and professional growth than I could have found at most other jobs held by people my age. I am extremely grateful to both Cutco Corp. and Vector Marketing Corp. for this opportunity and life-shaping experience.

    By Blogger David Suggs, at 8:09 PM  

  • ljkl

    By Blogger Sara, at 8:22 PM  

  • Just wanted to really agree with you and say that I thought what they were doing was terrible. I had somewhat of a moral dilemma as I came home from the interview but then realized (after reading several online posts) that I was not the only one to see past the disguise of moral corruption. It is pretty sick what they do- call you out, call you names, pressure you- but I think any strong- minded person can get through that and see through that. They are a company of intimidation and scare tactics pretty much. They confuse the employee into not knowing exactly what they are getting into- which in reality is a very dangerous situation. I'm not a huge blogger, myself but I just felt I should say something. They will try to quiet you, and they're presence will probably be greater than those of supporters but that just goes to show alot of dumb people are willing to give their lives up to work for some greedy, illegitimate company.

    By Blogger Sara, at 8:28 PM  

  • P.S- How can we be motivated or inspired by these success stories that we don't even know are real?? I could say I was the president online or in some bogus 'training session', but is that true? No. Truth is, this company is probably paying the people writing those comments more than the average salesman will ever make from Cutco. I'm done with this and all the articles I've been reading, but seriously, how many people have to be burned by them to shut them down? Or do people just not care?

    By Blogger Sara, at 8:32 PM  

  • P.S- How can we be motivated or inspired by these success stories that we don't even know are real?? I could say I was the president online or in some bogus 'training session', but is that true? No. Truth is, this company is probably paying the people writing those comments more than the average salesman will ever make from Cutco. I'm done with this and all the articles I've been reading, but seriously, how many people have to be burned by them to shut them down? Or do people just not care?

    By Blogger Sara, at 8:32 PM  

  • Cutco/Vector/Bankers life/... are all apparently cut-throat vampire companies feeding off the desperation of job-seekers everywhere... "caveat emptor" - buyer beware:
    This rule is not designed to shield sellers who engage in Fraud or bad faith dealing by making false or misleading representations about the quality or condition of a particular product. It merely summarizes the concept that a purchaser must examine, judge, and test a product considered for purchase himself or herself.

    By Blogger Richard Torres, at 8:35 PM  

  • This article just summed up my experience with cutco, i was supposed to go to training today for the first time...there will be one more vacant seat

    By Blogger Maximum Justice, at 9:28 AM  

  • For a second, I thought you plagiarized something I had written because our experiences were so similar! Good for you for sharing your story.

    By Blogger Scott Schlimmer, at 4:53 PM  

  • Yeah. dude. You're kind of a deadbeat. They never tell you that it's $15 an hour, they say $15 BASE PAY. And you are obviously very limited when setting goals for yourself, because it is REALLY hard to make just basepay. I never got basepay; just awesome commission. The reason they hire so much is because lazy kids like you don't see the value in the experience. They want to give you a chance as a kid who have done NOTHING WITH HIS LIFE to do SOMETHING with his life. Sucks to suck. The kids that DO get it make SERIOUS bank.

    And I hate how people throw out the word pyramid scheme WHENEVER they talk about marketing or direct selling. Pyramid schemes refer to scams that are merely an exchange of money or a ghost product. In other words, people are scammed out of their money and they never get what they purchased and select people make all the money. But people actually GET their CUTCO, and its freaking awesome.And I get PAID, too. Your friends' parents should be grateful they get to see it. AND it is soooooo easy to move up in the company and better yourself. And Vector ONLY promotes people that started from ground zero selling Cutco.

    So yeah, I am sick of lazy college kids who don't recognize an awesome opportunity when they see one. Have fun working at McDonalds.

    By Blogger Anessa, at 12:49 PM  

  • could I suggest that you might have done better if you had worked harder yourself? AS for the company lying about prices... i've been called out during demos and we looked it up... as of last monday, the prices they use are accurate on william-sonoma||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

    Anyway, you don't need to sell to 40 people a week... talk to people who are interested in cutco, people who are actively shopping cutlery. And lastly, all that gas, an the expenses you complained about... 1099 = government rebate. If you save your receipts and file your taxes properly, all the money you spend comes back to you.

    By Blogger Cob Khuraibet, at 12:08 PM  

  • maybe it's just my office but, i have never heard anyone called names, pressured, or anything. I haven't seen anything to your experience. We work hard, we call people we are directly referred to (IE, "Hey, cob is going to call you to demo some CUTCO like he did for me, is that alright? If not, he won't call"), and we hang out, watch movies, go bowling, what have you... i've read so much about it being a scam so, i went into training ready to walk out. If you are a moral person, sell cutco your own way, don't follow the things you disagree with. The company has never wronged me or anyone who I know that worked for it. In fact, i've had the opposite problem. I go to sell to friends or family and i hear "Yeah yeah, I bought some from my son/daughter/friend/i sold cutco... it was ag reat opportunity, a wonderful experience... but, I don't need any more cutco because I already own so much of it" sooo.... yeah.

    Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, when did "sucks to suck" become a thing?

    By Blogger Cob Khuraibet, at 12:15 PM  

  • I know this is old, but I was remembering my good ol times working with cutco (not good at all). I went through the same crap that same summer (2006) in Puerto Rico. I even sold water in traffic lights to be able to buy the set. But the people I tried to sell to, according to my manager, were not "the right kind of people", although they fitted the description of being 25 plus, own a house...etc. A terrible way to waste my time and resourses. You would be better off selling chocolates door to door.

    By Blogger carmen ramirez, at 1:18 AM  

  • And I can go on and on...I mean, I was 19...first they told me I needed to come up with 20 people I knew...that was hard enough. Later he expected me to somehow know a lot of people who were over 50 years old. Yeah, the average 19 year old surely knows a huge lot of 50 years old...not even my parents were. So we went from "you only call people you know" to "you have to call the right people". I guess I was sort of on a disadvantage here, but I wasn't lazy at all...
    Unlike the original post I didn't go to office to quit. I just let a guy I was dating answer the phone to let them know I didn't want to do that anymore.

    By Blogger carmen ramirez, at 1:28 AM  

  • Looks like the vector internet squad is out. Next time you guys get together and tell us your personal anecdotes of success while simultaneously criticizing the author. Btw next time you want to spam a site make sure you use dynamic I.P it doesn't help that every positive comment about cut-co comes from the same I.P.

    By Blogger 28gramslater, at 8:50 AM  

  • Lmao I bet u prolly work for the fucking company to be honest ur the retarded one

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:04 AM  

  • Smh yet another person who works for the actual cutco company stop giving people false hope and even if u are a real sales rep if u madr money thats ur personal experience u kant really sit here and say everybody who amswerd the bullshit letter will have the same results no matter if they put effort into or not

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:08 AM  

  • THANK U!!!!!!!!!! All of these vector pimps lookin fo new whores

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:12 AM  

  • All of these so called real cutco success stories are bullshit!!!!! If you notice all of the people who are saying they made money with the company are basically sayin the same thing just with different words think about it they say the author is a lazy dumbass then try to throw u off by saying something baf about the company u vector assholes are not fooling nobody cutco is a bullshit pyramid scheme and they pay employees to go on these type of sites and down talk who ever writes them just for tellin the truth about the company anf how do I kno I answered the letter and wasted 3days of my life only my mom recognised it was a scam an I didn't pay the 150$ for the kit smh so basically if u read a comment on here wit somebody tellin u its not a scam I made 8000$ in two weeks take it with a grain of salt peopple without actual jobs that pay good don't even make that much money that fast

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:26 AM  

  • *bad

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:28 AM  

  • Amen anybody commenting on this doesn't kno one another from adam and eve how do I really kno u made 20,000$ im suppose to just take your word for it

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:42 AM  

  • Glad to see their are people who still think for themselves now a days

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:47 AM  

  • Ur not fooling anyone lmao this guy

    By Blogger Truskie Ocho, at 7:50 AM  

  • Dude!!!!!!! Yes same thing happened my freshman year. They got pissed through because I beat the system . I didn't care about those sails I managed to collect 15 dollars a hour. They got mad and tried to sue me. AND THEY LOST my parents are lawyer and figured out this was big scam......

    By Blogger Th, at 7:47 PM  

  • You are clearly very stupid. I pocketed 1,200$ in my first ten days, won over 600$ in merchandise, and am currently at 30% commission, and all of my customers have loved the product. Now, not only do I call people to set up appointments, people call me to get the knives. They truly are the best on the market and the forever guarantee assures a quality product for the rest of their lives. Yes, they do manipulate high school students and get them to guilt their friends parents into buying them, but it is not a scam or rip off. So, I get to work whenever I want, and say I were in need of some quick money, I could set up a couple of appointments, and odds are somebody would buy a set. The average sale of my appointment is 450$, so consider myself making five appointments for one day to get the quick money. I will underestimate just to show you how much money I make. 400$ * 5 appointments = 2,000$ in sales. 2,000$ * .3 = 600$. You are an idiot and not fit for the job.

    By Blogger Everett Smulders, at 10:40 AM  

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